KontactWerks is your personalized, all-digital contact solution! KontactWerks - our outbound calling solution for the independent pharmacy. KontactWerks delivers the ability to fully contact all patients without additional staff or hardware.

Instead, we leverage your existing IT structure to deliver superior ROI. When you equip your staff with KontactWerks, you will increase both customer and employee satisfaction. Our easy-to-use outbound calling solution allows you to place "order is ready" or "remind to pick up order" messages with the click of a mouse!

KontactWerks Features

  • KontactWerks requires no hardware investment.
  • Digital outbound calling requires no dedicated or shared phone lines.
  • Easy to use interface! Scan or enter the RX number and hit enter* – outbound call request placed in seconds.
  • Manual phone number entry for "lite" version.
  • Multiple message types – "order is ready" and "remind to pick up".
  • Patient opt-out and extensive "preference management" to provide patients with maximum control.
  • Coming soon! Spanish language, more message types, new message routes (including text, & email support along with "campaign mode").

Increased Customer Satisfaction

If you operate a single pharmacy or a chain of pharmacies and want to increase staff satisfaction and productivity, are interested in increasing sales and decreasing "return to stock" or "put backs" you are dealing with, then KontactWerks is for you! When you select the KontactWerks all-digital contact solution you will secure the following benefits:

  • Increased customer satisfaction by delivering better customer service.
  • Increased sales and decreased return to stock/put backs as you convert prepared orders to pick ups!
  • Maximum ROI as you minimize labor cost and avoid spending money on phone lines or hardware-based solutions.

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