If you would like to convert 10 - 30% of the dollars in pharmacy inventory into cash and prevent it from ever returning then OverstockSHOP! is for you!

A powerful database layered with extensive, smart rules delivers measurable results quickly! OverstockSHOP! decreases dollars tied up in inventory and will drive down write-off of expired drugs.

Our solution is a powerful enabling technology presented to end users in a familiar "shopping cart" framework that is intuitive and easy to use - you need only monitor that your staff "shopping" and the results will follow!

OverstockSHOP! Features

  • Web-based interface
  • NDC suppression
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Inventory checker
  • Request inventory transfers
  • User pop-up alerts
  • Ability to add overstock
  • Missed opportunity report
  • Multiple inventory views
  • Activity reports
  • Management and admin options
  • ...and more

Improve Profitability & Cash Flow

With OverstockSHOP! from FagenWerks, you can increase the profitabily of your pharmacy business and improve cash flow by decreasing amount of days-on-hand. You can also decrease expired drug write-offs while increasing profits and productivity. OverstockSHOP! provides a suite of features and functionality to use help your business use "old dollars" before "new dollars". It provides the buyer analysis needed to increase GPM via lowered COGS.

How OverstockSHOP! Works

The beauty of OverstockSHOP! lies with its simplicity in the user interface. The software collects data and performs an analysis of your inventory, so that you can take action when inventory levels are excessivley high in one location, while critically low in another. The browser-based application is used at the store level with a backend database interfaced to your PMS.

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