SiteWerks Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

FagenWerks offers search engine optimization (SEO) services for our SiteWerks websites. Our comprehensive approach to SEO allows us to take your website to the next level with a series of proven techniques to help improve search engine rankings.

White Hat SEO Techniques

FagenWerks utilizes only white hat SEO techniques. What are white hat SEO techniques? White hat is the term given to the search engine optimization process that does not violate the cardinal rules of search engine optimization as outlined by the major search engines, such as Google.

We maintain a strict code of conduct under the white hat principles. We do not use spam, keyword stuffing, page cloaking, link schemes, or hidden text. We only utilize approved industry standards when developing an SEO strategy for your website.

Content Development

Our team can produce rich content for your SiteWerks website. FagenWerks can develop content that is both unique and beneficial for your customers. Unique content for your website is a crucial element is any SEO stragedy.

The SEO Process

Proper SEO takes a great deal of time and effort to accomplish and requires an on-going commitment from our clients in order for it to really work. Real search engine optimization takes weeks or even months to start and is a perpetual process that requires constant tweaking and attention from an SEO expert. Don't be fooled by companies that offer a one-time SEO package - you cannot simply optimize a website once and expect it to continue flourishing.

Be Wary of Guaranteed Results

FagenWerks cannot guarantee top results in any search engine. Quite honestly, it is impossible to guarantee search engine results. Any SEO service that guarantees search engine results is lying to you! There is no way for anyone to pay for the top spot on a search engine results page - regardless of what they may tell you.

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