Experienced Team

Our management team at FagenWerks consists of hands-on experts that deliver top-notch products to our clients. We have real-world pharmacy experience and we bring that experience to bear with our broad range of pharmacy software and hardware offerings.

Experience Matters

Our experienced team of pharmacists and IT professionals have worked together to develop, test and use our products in real pharmacy environments. Using our unique industry position as a real working pharmacy and a solution provider, FagenWerks has become a true innovator.

When we are faced with a problem in our own pharmacy, our IT department swings into action. We identify the problem, create an answer, and test the solution in a real pharmacy environment. With feedback from our on-the-floor staff, we continually make improvements, add features, and build on our work to create a truely unique pharmacy solution that is easy-to-use.

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Faded Gears

Gerald A. Fagen, RPh


Gerald A. Fagen leads Fagen Pharmacy in day-to-day operations and has approved and guided all projects that resulted in the FagenWerks offerings. Having graduated from Purdue University in 1968 he left chain practice and opened his first store in 1972. Fagen Pharmacy operates 22 stores in Northwest Indiana and Illinois and has a reputation for personable and friendly low hassle service.

Jerry H. Fagen, RPh / MBA / 
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Vice President of Operations

After graduating from Purdue University with his B.S. in pharmacy in 1990, Jerry H. Fagen spent considerable time in other chains before returning to the family business. Having worked his way up from the stores into the office he participated in several large IT projects including replacing our pharmacy software vendor and chain-wide roll-out (twice), point-of-sale and accounting projects and all of the developments featured under the FagenWerks name.

Sherri Overstreet, BS Engineering / MBA / Pharmacy Technician

Vice President of Information Technology 

Sherri Overstreet, having earned her engineering and MBA degree from Purdue University, has spent the last several years in operations and project management for Fagen Pharmacy in the areas of pharmacy software, network design, point-of-sale, and accounting systems.

Sherri has spent considerable time running our IT projects including the creation of our network, Pharmacy Management System projects, points-of-sale, SIGIS certification, CSOS and EDI projects between our vendors. Her dedication to a mission is admired by friends and foes alike!